Welcome to my dream journal. This is where I've started collecting snippets of my dreams in hopes of understanding them better. They're usually pretty fun, so I hope you enjoy reading them! You can also check out my regular diary here.

Entry 01:11.5.22
Entry 02:11.7.22
Entry 03:11.12.22
Entry 04

Night of:11.03.22

My first official post on this blog. Yippee! Hopefully it starts to look cuter in the next couple days, but I'm super excited to start this particular page. I'm always having a fun ass time in my dreams but rlly have no good way of explaining them. So hopefully these entries help me explore the lore of my dreamscape a little better. For starters, the town they take place in usually has either: a giant mall, or long strip of shops on a street.This night, I was walking down the street and came across a thrift store everyone seemed to be going into, so I went in. The items in this thrift store totally gave me deja vu of other dreams I've had, but It's kinda foggy. The real kicker of this thrift store though was that they had like 3+ American girl dolls on their shelves, score amiright lol. They were a total rip off though because they had a price tag of $111. I can't remember ever seeing a specific number like that in my dreams, so that was a bit trippy, but I just remember being pissed I wasn't getting a good deal on these AG dolls. But numerology hoes report back if that means anything profound. P.s this first entry has definitely made me realize how shitty I am at describing dreams. Hopefully I get better at that too lol

Night of:11.05.22

This dream didn't have too much going on. I remember being trapped in some weird old dude's house (in a common neighorhood of this dreamscape), with my friend Elena. I also had a little bunny with me but he escaped through a gate:( I def think that part of the dream happened because I watched a video the day before of these newborn puppies figuring out how to go around a gate for food lol. Then my friend escaped the old dudes house and walked down the street (escape is a strong word bc we weren't trapped, the vibes just sucked lol). So then I started walking down the street too but it felt like I was walking through mf cement. Why do dreams make us feel like that? I want to be like those dogs that move hella when they're sleeping and look like they're galloping thru meadows in their dreams. P.S.Lately in the morning I've been having mini "sleep paralysis" instances where my mind is awake/hearing and wants to get up, but my body won't. It gives me that gross stuck in cement feeling haha. I've had more intense paralysis experiences in the past but I hope these mini ones don't become a common occurence :/

Night of:11.11.22

Dude, remembering dreams is so hard. These entries are literally my first thought when I open my eyes but I still can barely remember the details. So sorry if these entries sound stupid lol. Also I said these dreams are usually fun and they ARE, but for some reason everyone hated me in this one lol. The main thing that happened in this one was everyone was being an absolute dick to me and I was sulking around for the entire thing LMAO. It started w a drive thru coffee style stand-restaurant run by women my age, but they were simultaneously doing a podcast/book club in there? Lol I need to stop listening to shit when I'm going to sleep. Anyways I guess they were doing this book club shit and I disagreed on a certain point or something and from there literally every person I encountered in this dream was pissed at me LOL. Like I said it's so hard for me to remember details but I do remember that I was morally RIGHT in this argument. Then later there was some music fest going on outside and I was just going from place to place looking for a new spot to sit down and sulk. Like girl get your self together please. The spookiest part happened towards the end of the dream- I'm in some large building w a bunch of floors, I'm walking w my grandma and a group of older people(who, yeah you guessed it, are acting pissed at me in this dream). Then I go through a door to some stairwell style room area that's really small and has like 2 other doors but neither of them have doorknobs, including the one I just entered from. So I'm in this small stairwell room trapped lol it was horrible and I just remember yelling through the door "help" but I knew it was futile cuz all these hoes were mad at me. What did I do to get cancelled in my dreamscape? I'll admit I have been sulking around the past couple of days and this dream truly made me laugh and has officially made my sulking stop lol.

This is my 4th entry. It doesn't exist yet but my peanut brain needs to keep this code here so I don't forget :^)