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♥hello there, my name is rylee! (she/her)♥

my physical form entered this planet in 1999

my first memories of using a computer involve playing Pajama Sam, downloading bunk limewire files, and watching my mom play W.o.W :)

i started this site to learn more about html+coding in general, but also to give my nostalgia a place to run wild. going thru all these amazing neocities sites has brought back fun memories of surfing the web as a kid, both by myself or with my friends. now that i'm actually old enough to be doing this shit lol it's great to be able to create my own cyberspace- it's nice having a place to post that has zero expectations.

zodiac sign: ♋︎

5︎ things I can't live without: my guitar, my laptop, dessert, and my 2 sisters

my favorite animal: black bears

right now I'm drinking: ginger ale

last show I watched: Samurai Champloo

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× /333/from/one/buckaroo/to/another/

Everything you need is within you!