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Mood: Pondering

Hello beautiful bbs, welcome to my first entry. I had to wait until this blogged looked a little less uggo to make this entry, but i think we're getting somewhere y'all. I know this is the type of shit a 13 year old with a tumblr blog could do but I'm pretty proud of myself for this shitty little site I got going on lol. Coding is something I have never really had an interest in at all or thought I could be good at, but this past year I've been exploring using it to make art and it's been really rewarding so far:) One of my plans for this site is to make a cool page/s for my touchdesigner projects so I can track my progress w that too. #bimbosinstem. Besides that stuff, I've been thinking a lot on the friendships in my life, basically wondering if I'm a shitty friend or not. I've recently stopped reaching out to a friend who is struggling in life because I was kinda losing sleep wondering if they were okay or not, and it didn't seem like they were ready or wanting to get better. It's a long story that I probably won't get into, but I'm just stuck between trying to set a boundary for myself and feeling like I'm giving up on my friend. I will probably reach out to them today, but honestly I'm being selfish because I don't want to because I know the response will make me sad. Anyways, let's not get too emo in this first post lol, I'll see you guys in the next one!


Mood: Making soup and killing you in my mind

Hey y'all! Hope my millions of visitors out there are doing well :^) I just finished fixing the new buttons on my homepage, and making soup, so you could say it's been a productive evening over here. I think my next goals for this site are gonna be: Make a cuter header and make an art page. Trying to work on those right now but I think this base site is coming together! On another note, there has been something weighing on my mind that I'll definitely be making a post on in the future. Honestly just trying to get some more content up on this site before I do so that it's not just super depressing right off the bat lmao >o< We can't come in too hot ya know? But to make a long story short, I've just been thinking about my former boss from my dispensary job last year, and how I would literally need a bunch of trigger warnings to say what he's done to me if you catch my drift lmao. But like I said let's not get too depressing right out the gate.

Besides that I'm doing really good! vv excited for these creative projects I have planned! I did reach out to my friend from the previous post, and it did make my heart happy:) Hope y'all are staying safe healthy and wealthy babes- I shall update again shortly, hopefully when I do I'll have some cool new stuff on this site for you to check out!xoxo

P.S. my peanut brain needs to figure out how to get rid of all this extra space down here, don't mind that y'all lol

This is the third entry.It doesn't exist yet but my peanut brain needs to keep this code here so I don't forget it

yippee! I'm kinda getting the hang of this thing